Yamaha GP1800R 2021+ Graphics kit


Here we are! What a great way to end this summer.

I’m very happy to announce this art work I’ve been working on the past few weeks, The GP1800R design is considered a special edition kit, printed using our best material, strongest glue, with some silver CHROME parts at the hood area.

What a beauty, I hope you like it, if anyone wants the design without the race numbers, its also possible. Just msg us before ordering to make sure we got your request.

Also don’t forget that we do have an option to request colors or logos edit, we can always change the color theme, add or remove logos to the design the way you like.

Wish you a great day,

Best regards,



  • Patrick Dallos

    Hi do you have more pics on the gp1800 black/green


  • joel

    where can i see the picture of these wraps in more detailed and pricing

  • SMD Graphics

    Hello! the store should be open by mid next week, all prices can be shown on USD and shipping charges should be calculated automatically during checkout. Call us at +96599073372 If you need any help

  • Nick Harrington Sales Manager

    2021 GP1800 graphics kit ETA and cost US$

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