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2022 Jetski Designs

  Hello everyone! As some of you already know, we close our business 2 times a year. Before the start of the winter season, and before summer. We use this time to prepare our website, create new designs, and try to upgrade our products. We're closing today. The upcoming month or two we'll be focusing in creating new designs for the Jetski models. If you have any design idea or theme you like us to work on, let us know using the comments section below! Summer 2022 will be different ;)

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Yamaha GP1800R 2021+ Graphics kit

  Here we are! What a great way to end this summer. I’m very happy to announce this art work I’ve been working on the past few weeks, The GP1800R design is considered a special edition kit, printed using our best material, strongest glue, with some silver CHROME parts at the hood area. What a beauty, I hope you like it, if anyone wants the design without the race numbers, its also possible. Just msg us before ordering to make sure we got your request. Also don’t forget that we do have an option to request colors or logos edit, we can always change the color theme, add or remove logos to the design the way you like. Wish you...

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One last design for this summer

  Since there was a shortage of production at the Yamaha Jetski Factory due to corona related problems. Some people had to wait for almost a year to get their hands on the ski. We were waiting for an opportunity to get the ski at our garage to record the body measurements. Thankfully a customer will bring us his ski sometime during this week to work on. Like we did with the Seadoo RXP, it will take us around 1 week to record the measurements, then about 10 days to have a design ready to order in multiple color options. Thanks for your patience GP ‘21 owners, we’re about to make you a masterpiece! Soon.

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Seadoo RXP 2021 - Finally!

  After a long wait, we just got our hands on the new 2021 Seadoo RXP. We couldn’t design a graphics kit for this model before because we didn’t have the body measurements. Thankfully a customer in Kuwait was able to leave the ski at our garage for a couple of days, so we took our time and registered the measurements to the finest detail. A new design should be available within the next 10 working days!

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Yamaha Superjet 700 - ReDesigned

  Hello Everyone, Since year 2013, to year 2018 our Yamaha Superjet measurements were standard, similar to what the other shops are using till today. Year 2019 we updated the measurements to better fit the upper hood, which made the designs look better than before, with more body coverage. This week, we have a new Superjet project to redesign the measurements for and cover most of the body, hood, and RRP handle pole. Once measurements are done, we’ll design a new graphics kit and make it available to order.

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