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2022 Jetski Designs

  Hello everyone! As some of you already know, we close our business 2 times a year. Before the start of the winter season, and before summer. We use this time to prepare our website, create new designs, and try to upgrade our products. We're closing today. The upcoming month or two we'll be focusing in creating new designs for the Jetski models. If you have any design idea or theme you like us to work on, let us know using the comments section below! Summer 2022 will be different ;)

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Its time.

  Winter is at the corner! I'm sure everyone got their bikes services and ready to ride. For the past month our goal was to provide a new user experience at our online store, and I'm happy to say that its finally complete. Designing new kits for several bikes and models is such a challenging task to have in so little time. As we deleted the old designs, its seems like we're on a fresh start. I hope you like what we have to offer this season. Remember you always have the option to ask for color changes, or logo replacements to edit the design they way you like. The store will be open tonight at 12:00am - Kuwait time Wish...

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We’ll be back!

  Hello everyone, I’m sorry, we’ll be closing the website tonight, as we’ll focus on completing the new Dirtbike and ATV designs. All pending orders will still be processed and delivered as planned. Thanks for your patience, great things sure take time, and we’ll try to make it quick! Regards, Sulaiman

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The iPad mini!

  Hello Everyone, We’ve always used special computers with fast processors to handle our designing requirements. I’ve recently found out that Adobe has been working on making the Photoshop and Illustrator software work smoothly on an iPad, and they’re still launching frequent updates and features to include all necessary editing capabilities.  What a great year for all graphics designers. I’m challenging myself now for the MX and ATV new designs, they’ll be fully designed using my iPad mini, no more heavy drawing pads or long hours at the desk. The portability of an iPad is unbeatable! Of course a bigger iPad would make more sense to work on, but mini stuff are awesome! I’m staying with this mini giant. Have...

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MX & ATV Graphics

  As summer ends, It’s a great time to plan ahead and get your winter toys ready. We’re currently working on some new designs for Dirtbikes and ATVs. The plan is to have them available within a couple of months.  We’ll be focusing on Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Husqvarna and GasGas for the Dirtbike category. For the ATV’s section, We’ll be working on the Yamaha YFZ450, Raptor and Banshee, As well as the KTM quad. All designs are of course editable with your choice of colors, logos, number and name. I hope the upcoming season will be fun for all. Stay safe & keep on riding!

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