Yamaha Superjet 700 - ReDesigned


Hello Everyone,

Since year 2013, to year 2018 our Yamaha Superjet measurements were standard, similar to what the other shops are using till today.

Year 2019 we updated the measurements to better fit the upper hood, which made the designs look better than before, with more body coverage.

This week, we have a new Superjet project to redesign the measurements for and cover most of the body, hood, and RRP handle pole.

Once measurements are done, we’ll design a new graphics kit and make it available to order.


  • SMD Graphics

    Hello Chris,
    Thanks a lot for your msg! There will be an import tax + customs charge when you receive the order by DHL. Not sure about the tax rate, better to check with a local DHL office.

    When ordering, we do not send a 3D mockup unless an edit was requested. If you requested to change any color or logos, or simply type “send mockup” we will send you by email, and wont start printing until you approve.

  • Chris Keeler

    Hi I have a 2008 Superjet. I like the way your graphics look. When ordering from you is there any kind of import tax when shipping to the US. Also when picking a design, do you send a mock up pic first before sending out the graphics. My ski is painted all white and I would like to see what it would look like first

  • Pete

    Tengo un sea doo230 GTR 2021 y deseo ponerle graphics ya ustedes tienen algún modelo

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